What is Eagle Enterprise?

It is a service organization that facilitates daily rides, outstation bookings and rentals.


Cities where we operate?

Jaipur is currently the city that we are fully functional for daily rides and rentals and outstation rides can be from any place but varies on the availability of the provider (driver).


How do I Book on Eagle cabs?

You can book cabs from our website as well as the app.
Download the app: Android App


How do I cancel a ride?

You can cancel your ride through the app itself also reach out to us in case of any cancellation issues on our helpline number.


How do I pay for the services?

There are two pays to generally pay for your trip either through cash to the driver and other through Paytm gateway.


Do eagle cabs offer services to corporate?

No, not yet.


Do eagle cabs offer services to travel agents?

Yes, we do offer services to travel agents their team just has to download the app and get in touch with us.

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